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Assetto Corsa Mods

**** **** *** CUP MOD

Our new project is the **** **** *** CUP. This project is still in an early stage. When there are any news, you will be informed immediately :)


DTM 2013 Skinpack Sound Fix for v1.2

This download includes the sound fix for our skin pack v1.2. and updates the skin pack to v1.3


DTM 2013 Skinpack for T5 Mod v1.3

Now compatible with the version 1.3 of T5 Mods & AC v1.1x includes the sound fix
Assetto Corsa has been a good experience, we have decided to convert our skin pack of rF2 to AC.
Readme & Changelog


Automobilista Mods

AMS DTM 2012 Skinpack 1.0

This Mod contain all for the real DTM 2012 Feeling

+ real Skins
+ real Steering Wheels
+ real Hankook Tyres


rFactor 2 Mods

DTM 2012/13 Skinpack for T5 Mod v1.81

The close cooperation with Unitedracingdesign.net and interest to this series we started with the creation of this Skin Pack. With the support of Scene Designs and Yeapp Graphix we have succeeded this and is in the Current version for RF1, RF2 and Assetto Corsa available.


Norisring for rFactor2



rFactor Mods

DTM 2012/13 Skinpack for T5 Mod

Following a number of requests, there is our Skin Pack now available as a conversion for the classic.